Standard Operating Procedures

Pursuant to New York Real Property Law §442-H, real estate brokers are required to “institute standardized operating procedures for the prerequisites prospective homebuyers must meet prior to receiving any services.” Below you may find Blue Hill Realty Inc’s standard operating procedures as required by this new law:

Client Identification

Blue Hill Realty Inc. does not require its clients to show identification before working with our agents. However, independent agents are permitted to personally require this of their clients.

Exclusive Broker Agreements

Blue Hill Realty Inc. does not require exclusive broker agreements.

Pre-Approval For Mortgage Loans

Blue Hill Realty Inc. does not require a pre-approval letter for a mortgage loan / proof of funds before working with an agent. Although we, as broker, do not require such information; a seller of real estate may require this information prior to showing property and/or as part of any purchase offer.